Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Christmas in July

In two days it will be August, so I thought I'd better squeeze in this 'Christmas in July' post real quick.  The photo below was last year's attempt at a cutesy DIY holiday card.

I loved the idea of mailing hot chocolate packets, but it didn't turn out so well.   They look cute enough in this picture but very amateurish in person.  The design was okay - - which I did myself - - but assembling and attaching the labels didn't go well.  It looked very messy and uneven.  Sort of like a preschooler's cut-and-paste project.  Plus, mailing them cost almost double a regular postage stamp which seemed pricey given that I was planning to mail so many.  Not to mention that I was a little concerned about sending a powder like substance through the mail (anthrax, anyone?).  So I made a few of these and called it quits.  I just wasn't loving how they turned out.

I still loved the idea though and couldn't give up on it entirely.  So I found something similar online at Shindigz that could be customized with my wording.  I only ordered a handful though, just for novelty sake.  I handed these out.  They didn't go through the mail.

By the time I abandoned this project it was two weeks before Christmas and I was scrambling to come up with something else.  Preprinted, store-bought cards aren't my style.  That would be too easy.  For some reason, I choose DIY projects that cause me frustration and disappointment.

Between this post and my last one, you probably think all I write about is crafting projects gone awry.  I don't know why I always think they are going to be fun and easy.  They rarely are.  Plus, I always feel like I'm under some sort of deadline or time constraint (like Christmas) which just adds to my stress.

Anyway . . . the past few years I've always done photo cards but my husband and I weren't particularly photogenic in 2012.  I searched an entire year's worth of pics but couldn't find one suitable picture of us together.  The lack of any good photos led me to another idea . . . below is what I came up with instead.

Source: Kiselev Andrey via http://1photos.com/portraite-of-two-young-people-in-love-7/.

Ha!  Those people are not us.  I just Googled "model couple, free stock images" and up popped this attractive pair.  Hopefully I didn't break any copyright laws by using this photo (just in case, see photo credit above).  I saved the image to my computer and then uploaded it to a very simple design I found on Zazzle.  I added the wording and was done.  Easy.

I really liked this card.  Even more so than my hot chocolate idea.  I thought it was pretty amusing, if I do say so myself.  I tend to like cards with a sense of humor.  Below is a pic of our card from 2011 which required a sense of humor also (although it will probably end up on one of those most awkward family holiday photos list someday).

That is the real us.  The card design is from Minted.

Not everyone on my list received this naughty card.  It probably wasn't suitable for all audiences (like my husband's boss or conservative relatives, for example).  So I had a box of more traditional holiday cards on hand too.

To avoid stress, perhaps I should start on this year's holiday card now.  Five months before Christmas should be enough time, right?

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