Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pom Pom Leftovers

Not only did I have leftover food from Easter, but also leftover decorations.  Most things I packed away for next year (the leftover decorations, not the food!), but what the heck do I do with these tissue paper pom poms?  I wasn't ready to throw them out - - since I shopped all over town to find the perfect shades of green and orange (ridiculous, I know) and then spent two long evenings making them myself - - so I shoved them into these vases in our sunroom.  And here they still sit more than a month later.

I have a ridiculous amount of vases.  The reason I have so many is not because my husband sends me flowers every week (he is a great, but not that great).  They are mostly from the candy buffet at our wedding in 2009.  I keep thinking I should get rid of them or sell them at a garage sale, but they seem to come in really handy for creative projects. 

Anyway, these blooms have inspired me with more party ideas.  Perhaps some sort of garden party or "Bloom Where Your Planted" theme or maybe I should turn our sunroom into an overflowing flower conservatory or garden . . .   so many ideas for future posts.

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