Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter Vignette

I was on a bit of a crafting and party planning high after my Valentine's Day shindig, so I immediately set my sights on the next holiday.  I skipped St. Patrick's Day and headed straight to Easter.  In February, I was already decorating for Easter and created this little vignette.  I've become a big fan of vignettes.  They are so charming, even the word is charming.  
I don't usually decorate for Easter (Halloween is my big holiday!), but a couple years ago my mother in-law bought me the ceramic bunnies and Easter basket so I thought I should finally display them.  I already owned the apothecary jar and just added the fake grass, candy eggs, and chocolate bunny.  I also already owned The Velveteen Principles - - good book, by the way, but more self-help than storybook - - and bought the other little book for cheap at Marshall's to complete the look.  As much as I love to shop, I tried to use what I had.
This vignette was going to be the extent of my Easter decorating, but once I got into it I had so many more ideas and things I wanted to do.  My next post will feature those ideas including DIY apothecary jars, and an orange and green carrot themed brunch.  

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