Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Apothecary Jars

Okay, this project is not my original idea.  These DIY apothecary jars are all over the internet. Even so, I thought I would share the ones I made . . .  
You can use whatever jars you already have at home, but I went out and bought jars of salsa because they came in the shape and size I wanted.  I also bought cheap glass candlesticks which are often sold at the Dollar Store, thrift stores, garage sales, etc.  The wooden finials on top - - I didn't even know what a "finial" was until I did this project - - can be purchased at craft stores like Michael's.  

I spray painted the lids, candlesticks, and finials green.  Once they were completely dry, I glued the finial to the lid and the jar to the candlestick using E-6000 Craft Glue.  Oh, somewhere in there I think I used primer on the candlesticks before spray painting them.  As I said in a previous post, all of these projects were done before I had the idea to start a blog, so I didn't keep proper track of each step.  I only took these photos to show my Mom!  :)   

I wanted the jars to resemble a carrot (for my carrot themed Easter brunch which I will feature in the next post), that is why I chose green paint and orange Reese's Pieces candy.  I thought the finished product looked a little dull so I added the ribbon.
As I said before, this project is all over the internet.  Below are links to some of my favorites.  There are so many cute ways to decorate and use these jars!  The Halloween ones are my favorites.  I will for sure be making those come October.


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    1. Thanks! I have Pinterest to thank for most of my inspiration. :)