Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sweet Dreams

All the years I lived in studio or one-bedroom apartments, I longed to have a guest room.  Now that I have a house, the guest bedroom was the room I was most excited to decorate.  It's still a work in progress, but my first project was to fill the empty space above the bed.  We don't have a headboard for that bed.  Someday I hope to make one - - maybe using reclaimed wood or old shutter doors - - but for the time being I decided to do something cheap and crafty.

I was inspired by this picture I saw online . . .


My version isn't quite as good but here it is . . .

The nightstands are the apple crate project featured in my last post.

The version I saw online used burlap and painted-on letters.  As with many craft projects, I decided to do a quicker and easier method.  Instead of buying fabric, stencils, paint, etc., I made it on my computer.  I didn't have to buy supplies.

  • I used Microsoft Word since I don't have graphic design software.  I simply had to "Insert" a triangle "Shape" into a Word document and enlarge it to my desired size.  Then, I chose the "Fill" option to get a background pattern (I used "Parchment").  Next, I had to "Insert" a text box inside the triangle, type a letter, and print it on plain white paper.  Sidenote:  Not sure if these instructions are no-brainers that totally insult your intelligence, or aren't detailed enough.  Either way, I'm sorry!
  • Then, I cutout the triangles, punched a hole in each corner, and strung them together with yarn. 
  • Finally, I hung it to the wall using small removable 3M Command hooks on each end.  To disguise the hooks, I used fake flowers.  The flowers were from Hobby Lobby.  I just cut off the stems.

My paper version isn't quite as pretty as burlap, but I think it turned out okay.  Plus, I like the option of playing with fonts and being able to reprint if I mess up.  Can't do that with paint and fabric.

I actually think it is centered a little too high and wide.  Someday I'll fix that.  I also want curtains, a chair, and a few other little accessories for that room, but it's slowly coming together.  We've only had two overnight guest in the last year anyway, so clearly there's no rush.

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