Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guest Bedroom - Italian B&B Inspiration

I can't believe I'm doing yet another post about our guest room.  I mean, for a room so small and inconsequential how can I possibly have more to say?  But I do, so here I go . . .

In 2009 my husband and I went to Italy.  We stayed at a B&B in Verona called Casa Natura.  It was located in the city but not necessarily in a great tourist location.  It looked like a gritty old apartment building from the outside.  Very sketchy, actually.  But once inside the gate, it was SO lovely and enchanting.  I loved it.  I can't stop thinking about that place.

Ever since we stayed there, I had the idea to someday make a guest room look like that.  Ethereal and cozy with lots of beige and white.  Something calm and dreamy.  And a little bit shabby chic.

Here are some photos of this place that I find so inspiring . . .

Source:  Casa Natura.
Source:  Casa Natura.
Source:  Casa Natura.
This was the room where we stayed.  Source:  Casa Natura.
Source:  Casa Natura.
The breakfast room.

I loved all the little touches too.  Like this fruit plate, and the teddy bear on the bed . . .

Our guest room looks nothing like this place, but hopefully someday I can create a similar vibe.  Although who am I kidding?  There's no way our average suburban house in the Midwest could ever feel like a charming Italian Bed & Breakfast.  I'll give it a shot though.

P.S.  Remember how I said it looked liked a gritty old apartment building on the outside?  Well, see for yourself.  That big garbage dumpster out front doesn't help.  Hard to believe there was so much loveliness behind those walls!

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