Friday, September 27, 2013

Guess What's Gross - Halloween Game

I'm quite the poet.

Back in 2010 I threw a Halloween party.  As much as I love Halloween, it was the only Halloween party I've ever thrown.  And I really got into it.  We invited four other couples.  It was fun, but my parties are probably geared more towards children.  Hence the game I made.  I called it "Guess What's Gross".

Under each number was a hole big enough for a person's hand to fit through, and a bowl with an object inside.  People had to guess what the object was just by touching it.  The objects I used were a wet sponge, soggy cereal, dog bones, peeled grapes, hairnets, and cooked noodles.

I even typed up a little answer sheet.  I would post a picture of that too but I no longer have it on file.  As I've said before, I did a lot of these projects before I started a blog.  I didn't think to keep everything I made.  Darn!  I remember it being cute though.  For each number I had a silly name and then a line next to it for people to guess what the object actually was.  Sort of like this:

1.  Gory Guts:        ______________         (answer was noodles)
2.  Bloody Brain:   ____________        (answer was wet sponge)
3.  Eerie Eyeballs:  ____________        (answer was grapes)
4.  Wicked Web:      ______________       (answer was hairnets)

I had a total of six guesses.  I even had a tie breaker question, but I can't remember what it was.  Shoot!  I really wish I'd kept that answer sheet.  It's hard to remember all the details three years later.

To make this game, I bought a big cardboard box from the UPS store.  I taped down the flaps on the top and cut-off the flaps on the bottom.  Then I spray painted the whole thing black.  With a box cutter, I cut round holes big enough for a fist (I cut four along the front and one on each side).  Then, I covered the holes with numbered 5x7 sheets of orange paper that I printed at home.  I attached the numbered sheets over the holes using scrapbooking flowers and brads.

For the containers, I just used whatever bowls I had at home.   I worried about the bowls moving around and sliding out of place when people stuck their hands inside, so I made little dividers out of cardboard to keep everything in line.

If I made this game again, I would do several things differently.  I would make it bigger, have more guesses, and put the holes along the top of the box instead of on the sides.  I would also somehow glue the bowls in place or have built-in dividers.  And I would laminate the paper sheets (some of my objects were a little wet and gooey so the paper got messy).  Regardless, I liked how it turned out.  And it was really fun.

Oh, if you're curious about the fonts I used for the "Guess What's Gross" sign they're called Along Came A Spider (so cute!) and Burton's Nightmare.

Even though my parties seem to be geared more towards children, we do serve adult beverages.  So that keeps them from being totally lame (I hope).


  1. Hi Mary,

    I found you on Pinterest while looking for activities for my daughter's 4th grade halloween class party. I like this idea but I think I would buy one of those plastic boxes that already come with the dividers permanently affixed in them. When halloweens over, you have a craft supply box : ) Thank you for sharing : )


    1. Hi Robin. That is a really good idea. You definitely need some sort of dividers because the containers slide out of place when people stick their hands inside and feel around (something I didn't think about until after I made it - whoops). A plastic box with permanent dividers would be perfect. Good idea! Good luck with your daughter's class party. Thanks for your comment, and happy Halloween!

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  3. Love it!
    Thanks for the inspiration!